Agriculture forms the mainstay of the local economy

Monasteries are the seats of Buddhism


Spiti is inhabited by a homogenous Buddhist society of a little over 10,000. Agriculture and barter with the neighbouring areas formed the mainstay of this subsistence economy. Due to the harsh climatic conditions and lack of rain, agriculture is however restricted to only 1 crop a year, as the only source of irrigation is the winter snow melt. Other livelihood options in Spiti are scarce, leaving the majority dependent on agriculture, which in the present day cash based economy is unable to strike the crucial balance between the natural resources and economic needs of the local community. It is hence imperative at this junction to develop additional livelihood options for the local community from alternate resources.
Spiti, which has only recently been opened to the outside world, is now witnessing a growth in tourism, which can provide the much needed livelihood option to the local community. It is imperative however to ensure that this industry grows in a manner which is conducive to the ecology and culture of the area, and provides the much needed additional source of income to the local community.
To address the above mentioned concerns, Muse (a NGO) and the local youth of Spiti, in partnership with Snow Leopard Conservancy, India and with support from UNECSO, initiated the Himalayan Homestays program in 2004 in Spiti. The objective of the programme is to develop unique, authentic and reliable tourism products and activities, link them to community livelihoods and conservation of culture and nature, hence not only providing the community with an additional source of income but incentive to conserve their unique natural and cultural heritage and environment.
Hence in our effort to develop community based tourism in the area, your support is imperative and of utmost importance to not only enable the local community to preserve their natural and cultural wealth but at the same time provide an authentic Spitian experience.
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