Sikkim’s beautiful scenery is its major attraction.

Many visitors also come to see its friendly people.

Sikkim Himalayan Homestay Experience

Welcome to Sikkim, a hot-spot of cultural and biological diversity in the Eastern Himalaya, and to Dzongu and the Lepcha people. Your Himalayan Homestay experience in Sikkim offers the best of Lepcha hospitality and cultural traditions with tropical mountain forests and spectacular mountain scenery.

Dzongu is located in north-western Sikkim. Established in the early 1960s, this territory has been reserved for the Lepcha community and borders the Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve. Dzongu has panoramic views of Mount Khangchendzonga (8,585 m), the third highest summit in the world and the protective deity of Sikkim, and has a particularly rich fauna and flora that is endemic to the area.


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