“Stay at Tingvong village was an amazing and wonderful experience, surrounded by pristine beauty and the contrasting sound of water... ”

“It was very unforgettable to look around Tingvong village see the Cardamom production and sample chi.”

“The people and the hospitality of the family was uncomparable to that of the city.”

Sikkim Himalayan Homestay History

Dzongu Ecotourism Project

The idea of the ecotourism project was born from the desire of a group of Lepcha youth who had concerns for the upcoming younger generation of Dzongu. They were keen to explore alternative opportunities for the educated youth that would provide avenues for self employment within Dzongu and in the process help the Lepcha community to protect their vanishing identity. The idea of ecotourism as a means of conservation and economic development was further developed and supported by the Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Sikkim (ECOSS).

To begin the work in Dzongu, partnerships were forged with NGOs, local authorities and representatives of Dzongu. Several community consultations and awareness and training programs were conducted for the local residents. The extensive community mobilization process has brought about some changes in the thinking of local people and positioned them to conduct tourism that is locally operated and where benefits can accrue to all levels of the community.

Today, local people in Dzongu are more aware of ecotourism. Local young men and women have been participated in training courses and remain a key link between ECOSS and the community. Several tourist groups have visited Dzongu and have returned with fond memories. As with other sites, Homestay providers are keen improve their services and welcome feedback from visitors on how they can do this.


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