Ladakh’s beautiful scenery is its major attraction,

and local nature guides can take you out looking for signs of wildlife.

Developing Homestays

In a gathering in 2001, Ladakhi villagers, tour operators, and others described as follows a tourism experience they were interested in promoting:

“A traditional village-based homestay would maintain and share a traditional way of life, provide Ladakhi food, be based on eco-friendly concepts and require small amounts of investment for renovation not building.”

For more information about this gathering see: "Opportunities for Rural Ecotourism in Ladakh." (pdf file)

A visitor survey was conducted in 2001 in Leh to assess interest in the above product, and based on the results it was decided to go ahead and develop Homestays. In 2002 with assistance from UNESCO and other funds, the Snow Leopard Conservancy and The Mountain Institute started implementation of the above concept as Himalayan Homestays in Ladakh.

For more information see: "Visitor Survey Report." (pdf file)

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